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10 Most Important Android Apps Must Have Every Blogger

Hello guys welcome to one another new article to my site 🙂  , In which you people will know  which top 10 android apps must every blogger should have in there cell phones, because everybody wants to write blogs but they may don’t have enough time to keep a laptop and set and right nowadays everyone has smartphones so they can easily write their blogs with some of the apps. It will make blogging easy for every blogger;).

So let us get started with these top 10 apps for android. 

The first one and on the top of every app is WordPress ( WordPress – Website & blogs builder ) 

With it, you can have the power for managing and publishing some of the niche related articles of your hands. Drage and drop your photo from your gallery. You can easily reply to a person who has commented on your blog post. You can track your visitor from where are they here in your blog or site.

2 Blogger :

The second one is the most popular apps and worldwide use name Blogger. This is really great and an awesome application from which you can publish your post look like WordPress with blogger application. It makes easy for those who can’t remind many things on the same time they can just write few lines or things in their articles and can save that article as a draft. You can edit the existing article which you have published or you can pick from drafts. Another thing you can directly take pictures from your cell phone cameras and adjust it anywhere in your article. 

3 Writer: 

It’s an also another application in which you can write your article with much more smoothness. In simple words, it’s a writer in which you can write your notes, novels, blogs etc. 

4 Google Drive : 

Google drive is one of the most popular application as well when people don’t have any USB or anything for their important data they just think that what we do for our data to keep it secure for a lifetime. For them, google drive is one of the most secure applications in which people can keep their data secure for a lifetime. 

5 Photo Editor: 

The photo editor is installed in each and every phone nowadays. Now it’s a most popular editor in the world because of everybody 
You People can edit photos like your editing on your Pc’s. if you have skills.

Latest Photo Editor

6 Grammarly : 

This application helps you to reach out your grammar mistakes in your article and spell mistakes as well. As you people add Grammarly extension to Google Chrome and it works in your browser as your writing an article. 
Its help you out in if your writing you’re an urgent email to any office or somewhere else it helps you out from making spell mistakes etc.
It also helps you out in writing any post on your social accounts it will correct your mistakes.

7 Google Analytics: 

This is the official application for your android mobile phone from where you can manage your website traffic through google analytics.

8 Google Adsense: 

This application provides you to check your earnings with very ease of your Adsense account and your AdMob accounts. It allows you to check your reports of Adsense account at any time anywhere like blog earnings, your ads impression, clicks, page ctr and much more.

9 Google Keep ( Google Notizen ) 

Google keep is the most useful application for every blogger, you can keep your article idea, Pictures, and drawings, or draw with your smartphone and more. 

10 Dictionary.Com 

As the dictionary.com have useful worldwide searches and its covers 2,000,000+ English words, synonyms and antonyms. Perfect your ACT Study or other factors. You can learn spellings, correct your grammar skills improve your vocabulary with of learning features, you can use this app for your best articles. 


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