3 Best Free iPhone Applications You May Not Have Heard Of


The top 3 free iPhone application you may not have heard.

Follow us on our facebook page. What are your favorite apps that you use that we may not have heard of and instead of being youtube and Facebook things like I wanted some more obscure apps so these are free apps there may be a paid element to them? (iPhone best apps)

  • – MuseMage:

 This is a video recording app that lets you adjust just about everything and there are other apps out there like but the difference is those cost money so if I want to adjust the color temperature.
 I can change it I can give things a more cinematic and them record a video of it or take a photo we can do magic color we’re kind of just a little bit and this is white in the background so it’s a little bit harder to tell but we have manual setting for white balance we have shutter speed we have iso all sorts of things we want to do a photo we can do that time-lapse stop-motion all sorts of things that you can do with the normal camera but a lot more advanced ability to change things we can also change the lighting all sort of things and its free so that’s a pretty nice app

  • IFTT 

Now take a look at the next step and the next one is if now ( IFTT ) this is not as an obscure app and its pretty nice at apple Jesus be submitted this one and if is like I said a free app to download and it allows you to customize notifications things like that so it stands for if then that kind of a simple programming concept and it means I’ll receive notifications if there’s a high pollen count in my area so it’s using a different application to give me this information and let me know and it’ll pop up on my screen if it rains tomorrow. I’ll get another mobile notification we can create our own so if this then that and we can use all of these things so maybe something with Instagramelse where so we can say if we take this photo post it to Facebook also or post it to Twitter it will do that automatically any time it sees those new photosite work with all sorts of different apps and you can even create your own and its free try out. They also have a web version as well if you want to get more complex but there’s a lot of different interactions with YouTube workflow great applications.
any new photo by you a new photo by you with specific hashtags new photo by you in area any new photo by you or a new video by you so will  pick any new photo by you and you to want to connect to these to each one of your apps and that will allow us to take any new photo and then maybe posted to social media and

  •  Swifty 

The next one is swiftly now Swifty was sanding by Vito 920 and this is a programming app this teaches you how to program for free swift is Apple’s programming language that they recently
developed an open source and it allows you to learn to programme on the go so this is swift basics variables boolean values arrays dictionaries so if we go into swift basics there’s all sorts of things so maybe types of numbers and it starts to teach you and teach you within here the actual code its self so you can go right into here start typing your code and learn how to do this by yourself and learn how to actually code on the one the way of doing something with your phone instead of having to have a Mac in front of you to do it the whole time a really great app.


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