All Day Battery Life Do It WIth Your iPhone


All Day Battery Life How To Do It In iPhone 

In today’s article, I want to share with you guys some of my favorite tips on “ How To Achieve All-Day Battery life ” on your iPhone. Now I get this question a lot how to do I achieve all-day battery life and today’s article. I’m gonna share some of my tips and also my setting on my phone in order for you to hopefully achieve all-day battery life as well so let’s become.

iPhone battery life

  • The first option I want to share with you guys. Believe it or not, this one it’s going to be a biggie under cellular options. If we scroll down all the way down to the bottom of the list. There’s one option that drains a lot of battery and uses up a lot of data and that is the iCloud drive. Over the cellular connectivity when not connected to wi-fi will use the cellular network to transfer documents and data between iCloud. As you can see there turn it off because number one it doesn’t waste my data and number two it saves battery life only when I’m connected to Wi-Fi well iCloud drive files will sync with iCloud usually when I’m connected to Wi-Fi I’m near a power source it doesn’t take up my battery and it doesn’t take up my data believe it or not this one is constantly running in the background it’s an option I highly consider turning off.
  • A very basic option but I find that a lot of people change these and this help improve the battery life of your device now under display and brightness here auto lock is a usually set by default to 30 seconds the reason for that is because of course is going to help you preserve the display number one number two preserve the battery.
  • The other option I have seen a lot of people always change is under accessibility and display accommodations auto brightness it even says it there it will affect your battery life if you turn it off. This one will adapt the display to the brightness around you that way gives you better user experience. It helps you save battery life.
  • A most advanced option that you can go ahead and turn off under general if we go to background app refresh this option I always have it set to off. I never let my apps refresh in the background it’s just really not necessary this will help improve the battery life. It even says it right there it will improve the battery life on your device by at least a good 5 percent so you’ll see a 5 percent increase in battery life. If you just turn off that option completely.
  • In settings right here under privacy there are also a few options that I like to turn off starting with analytics data right here all these options if you turn these off these will send data to apple cos they’ll you see all that data that’s being set turn it off this will help improve the battery life of your device although. it does help improve Apple’s products if you don’t want to participate this will help you improve battery life.
  • Under location services, there’s also a bunch of other options. You can turn off depending on your needs right. I don’t use Apple maps so I turn off analytics data for that nearby in traffic as well this will help significantly improve the battery life of your device.
  • The other great option to turn off is under Siri in that very popular command Hey and then the word Siri. I don’t want to activate your devices. if you turn this off this will also help improve battery life because it’s not constantly waiting for that command constantly listening to your microphone is not on constantly for that command so that will improve battery life.
  • There also an option under iTunes an App Store. that I usually turned off and that is automatic updates a lot of people you find this convenient and it is in a way but it does suck up a lot of battery power as well you have music apps books audios and updates to applications. That automatically download when updates are available and if you turn the data usage off as well that will also help you improve the battery life. If these are all on it will constantly be fetching for that data and it will drain the battery of your device a lot faster.
  • Now let’s talk about iCloud there is a lot to talk if we go to iCloud services all of this information is being constantly sync. If you’re not using any of this with iCloud or you don’t like to use it like me I don’t like to use photo in the iCloud turn it off that will not be syncing with your device now iCloud drive if you turn this on remember there’s also applications down here that you can turn off so this data does not sync directly to iCloud drive if you don’t need it to you’re just wasting battery life under. iCloud drive all these other apps you can turn off individually so it’s not constantly syncing with the cloud and sucking up all that battery life especially. If you’re using data it’s also sucking up data and of course, we all know.


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