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How To Create Payoneer Account

 What is Payoneer??

Payoneer provides us with a platform, where we can transfers over online generated money to our bank accounts, by using Payoneer. It works well For freelancers, users etc.
Payoneer provides many ways for getting paid, for International clients and Global Markets Places, too quickly. It’s user base and it supports up to 200 Countries. Payoneer is also alternative of Paypal.


How It Works:

If anybody signed with Payoneer, it works like a virtual account. Which can be used for sending or receiving money for all the platforms which are supported by it. It gives access to withdraw your money directly to your bank accounts, it doesn’t even cost a piny.

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How To Sign Up ??

Here are Few Steps to follow.

In the Very First step, it will require very general details which will require from you.

  • Click Here
  • Now you will see a form which you have to fill.
  • Click on Individual.
  • Now give your first, last name, Email Address and your date of birth of your NIC.
  • Go and click On Next

In the second step, it will require some more details after giving your Personal details. It will be the second step to go. Here they will require some contact details through which they will reach you.

  • Select Your Country
  • Your Address
  • City
  • Post Code
  • Phone Number

In The Third Step, there will be some question about your security. But make sure it will require your some identification, it could be your NIC.

  • Issuing Country
  • Security Question
  • ID Type and ID Number.

At last step, they will ask for your bank details.


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