Easy Way To Drive Traffic In Website / Blog


How to Increase Blogger or Website Traffic

Do you want to drive more traffic to your site, so you’re in the right place? Today I will show you some of the top 10 popular methods for building traffic to your site. If you start your web/blog just a few days ago so you cannot get the traffic from the google search engine which you require, here are the few tips for you to get traffic on your website or blog.

traffic for website
  • Always choose SEO SEO Friendly Domain Name for your blog or website.
  • Must use a responsive template for your website/ blog.
  • Always target long-tail keywords.
  • Make sure to use custom Permalink for your post.
  • Guest Post.
  • Website Advertising.
  • Share your articles or post on social media.
  • Use alt tags for Image Optimization.
  • Add Meta Description.
  • Social Book Marking.

How To Increase Blog or website traffic 2019:

If you still don’t have submitted your sitemap to google search console then you can’t drive traffic to your website/ blog. Today I’m sharing some tips with you guys with which you can rank on the first page of google. How to take the website on the first page of google :p.

Chose Seo Friendly Domain Name:

When your planning to create a website then you must have to look for the great hosting and domain name. You can get your domain name from GODADDY on rupees 118, but you must have to choose unique & good. Try to buy a domain name related to your topic with which keywords you will have to work. Before buying domain name visit expiredomains.net check domain Authority & Page activity (DA, PA ) who have good pa & da then buy that one.

Use Responsive Theme For Your Website:

Some of you people use any theme on their blog, don’t do this always use Responsive theme for your blog & website some themes are not responsive Mobile friendly SEO Optimization. The reason you have to chose the best SEO friendly themes for your website.

Target Long Tail Keywords:

It’s too difficult for the new site to rank on the google. When you’re writing a post you don’t have to focus on short tail keywords, instead work hard on long tail keywords. Then you can easily drive traffic to your site or blog.

Make sure to use custom Permalink for your post:

When you writing a Post make sure have used the custom permalink, related to your target keyword.

Guest Post:

Allow other people to write some content on your website, with this your site will be bost. When you start guest posting you will definitely get do follow links.

 Website Advertising:

Now you people will also search for website advertising to know what is it, the simplest answer to this question. website advertising is away from which you drive traffic for your website through advisements.

website advertising

There are many ways like advertising website on google, website advertising free, so there are many free ways for website advertising free like Social Media.

Share your Articles or Post on Social Media:

Muhammad Hilal
Always whenever you write anything on your website, make sure you have shared it on all social media network, 
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 

Use alt tags for Image Optimization:

If you want to drive your traffic from pictures then, always use Alt tags in images properties. It will help you in getting most of the traffic from Google. 
Always use the targeted keywords in alt tags of your photos it will generate much traffic in your blog. 


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