How To Make Money From Mobile Application


How To Make Money From Mobile Application

how to make money online

Truth About How To Make Money Online:

There are many ways of making money online, Nowadays billions of people searching on the internet that, how to make money from their homes. Some of them go in the wrong way. after some bad experiences. when they got failed then they say, its all fake there is no possible way for making money online. There are many things which cross their mind. They don’t even believe in the genuine ways of making money online.

I Myself, when I was in 10th grade In 2012, I got rejected while I was approving my Adsense account. The main reason for rejection was copyrighted material. I also lost my hope for making money online, then I got demotivated from the field of making money online, & said its totally waste of time.

The easiest way to earn money online, is just you need to create an application & monetized that application by ads. After creating your stunning application & your 100% sure it will be beneficial for users, then start promotion for your application.

Make Money From Apps:

How to make money by your application, now let’s get to the point. by creating your applications you can earn huge revenue. Below I’m going to divide it into Two Catagories.

  • The benefit of making apps by professional Developer.
  • Creating Free Application Online.

Benefit To Make App By Developer:

If you have some budget then go towards some professional developer to create a high quality of application which will be the benefit for a lifetime.
The application will be designed professionally & it will be a great opportunity for you do make some good revenue from that application. Before contact the developer you must have some unique idea in your mind which will give you give you profit but must think what kind of application will be useful for the user which will impress users to come our to your application at least twice a day. There are a few examples which I’m going to provide you.
  1. Social Media Applications 
  2. PakWheels 
  3. OLX 
  4. Islamic Applications 
  5. Health

Creating Free Application Online:

Guy’s, when you want a free platform or you don’t know how to work in the android studio. Then Creating free online application don’t give you such a great revenue as compared to Android Studio or other paid developing tools.

Creating your application from the third party website & you think they will give your complete revenue share then your wrong here because they keep their share in your earnings. its a free platform or in other words no one will provide you free things in any field, but when they have some benefits from your side for sure the will work for you. so same is the case here.

There are few websites which provide you a free platform to create a free application, Names mention below.

  • Thunkable 
  • Kodular 

How To Monetize Your Application:

Now people will think that what if we create application how it can generate such great revenue from that application. Which you have created by your self or by the developer. when we talk about monetization, some people get confused & thinks that’s it’s not that easy to monetize application, the reason behind is that some people face that issue in approving Adsense or monetizing your website or application

Monetizing Your Application:

Its too much easy to monetize your application by google ads, which gives you a great amount of revenue. It’s a very great platform to generate more revenue through your Mobile Applications  By Monetizing your Application by Admob Ads.

What is Admob:

Now many people don’t know what is AdMob. In other words, it’s a Google product for people who run their ads from mobile applications. Admob monetize your application actually, in other words, Admob an Adsense Account but it’s for application but these account cant be used in your website or Youtube. it’s very easy to create an AdMob account.

AdMob ADS Type:

Admob provides a different kind of ADS type for your application, the ADS type are mentioned below.
  • Banner ADS 
  • Interstitial ADS 
  • Rewards ADS

Banner ADS:

The type of ads which you can place the top of your application or bottom of your application or some times it appears in the center depending on your application content. Its depend on you where you want to place these kinds of Banner ADS, many developers try to place this kind of ADS in application because it doesn’t irritate the user & if your application irritated anybody so he or she will not prefer to come back to your application.

Interstitial ADS:

The type of ADS placing into your application can generate a huge amount of revenue for you but, it’s too much irritation to someone who uses your application they got full-screen ads again and again.
Actually, its full-screen ads which appear on the full screen of your application. So some developer avoids placing these kind of ADS in their application. 

Reward ADS:

These kinds of ADS Actually Gamer use in their application, the type of ads shown as a video and when somebody plays these ADS its generate some revenue for you but he thinks with this kind of ads in gonna gain some rewards.
Here I’m going to give you the example for 8-ball pool, when you want to get some bounce coins then they give you an option to watch the video get this amount of Coins.


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