How To Monetize Facebook Videos


How To Earn From Facebook

Facebook Monetization is now a popular word for every Person. Facebook nowadays popular messenger worldwide. Nowadays even labors use to Facebook and want to earn money from it.
There are millions of people searches in Google How to Earn Money Online.

facebook page monetization

Facebook ads:

                           Facebook recently lunch a new feature which will help full for every creator ( facebook ads ). If you people have your own page then it’s much more easy for you people to earn money online from your page, But here are some rules which you people will have to follow must.

Facebook Monetization Requirments:

  • You must have 10k Followers on your Facebook Page.
  • 1-Minute Views for 3-Minute Videos.
  • Monetization Eligibility Standard.
  • Check your Country Availability.

Monetization Eligibility Standards:

This is important to well know about Facebook Guide Lines. Check your Eligibility for your page.


Your Videos must be Posted from a Page – not your Facebook profile – that has must 10k followers.

1-Minute Views for 3-minute Videos:

1-Minute View for 3-minute videos means that your video must be at least 3 minutes of length and 1 View will be count when user watch your Video for the 1-minute minimum.

Country and language availability:

Ad breaks must check your country availability. Review our current list for supported countries.


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