Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor


Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor

So Friends as you all know we were waiting for Snapdragon Processor. So Now they officially announce that the new upgrade is 855 Processor. So read this article and know the features of this 855 Processor,
What’s new in this and what kind of improvement they have made.
What kind of things we can Enjoy !!
There are many things in this processor many things are complex. So here I am going to David This article in parts.

  • Connectivity 
  • Performance
  • AI
  • Camera
  • Entertainment


   When we are talking about connectivity so one thing just touches our mind is 5G.  ( Snapdragon 855 brings  mobile 5G to the world ). The best thing in this processor is that supports 5G. Here we will take help of  ” Qualcomm Chip ” X50 Modem. So in which Phones you get this combination of X Chip. Know that you can get support in that phone in which 855 Processor Chip is embedded in 2019.

  • Connecting the world with 4g and 5g.
  • Intelligence architectures.
  • Artificial intelligence. 
  • Stunning Photography and Video.
  • Immersive Entertainment.
But you can’t get 5g Support by default. because it comes in internal X 855 Chip.  I wish it comes Soon in Pakistan. We can get 2gb Speed through mobile internet. Its first time that you get 2gb/s Speed.

On the other hand, it gives many things.  ( Worlds First )

  1. Wifi / BT/ Location.
  2. Spectra 380.
  3. Integrated WIfi 6-Ready Solution for mobile.
  4. 8×8 Sounding ( High Capacity ).
  5. Targeted Wakeup time. ( Power Efficiency ).
  6. WPA3 ( Advanced Security )


if we look at the previous phone we were just able to do few things but, nowadays we require high quality of mobile phones. In which we can do more things very fastly. Nowadays this chip importance Increases day by day.

SoC Leadership:

  • 7nm Technology.
  • Custom-Design cores.
  • Advanced Architecture.
  • Power and Performance.


This Processor is faster as compare to another one 45 % Is faster.


AI Snapdragon increase the performance by 3X. Qualcomm complains it will be faster from the older one. AI embedded 4th generation so when demand gets increases they increase their AI level Time to Time.
  • AI Brings Intelligence to XR


The camera is the most important thing our life. The embedded World First CV-ISP. where we can get powerful support for a signal camera. If we want to upgrade our camera to 68 megapixels, or we can get 24 megapixels dual camera support. Another thing we will get 4k Video recording in portrait mood as well with HDR 10. If we talk about video recording so here they made so many improvements.


If we are going to talk about Entertainment so here they can give us many Devices Like.
  • SmartPhone AR.
  • SmartPhone-Powered XR Viewer.
  • Standalone XR. 


Gaming plays an important role nowadays in every Smart Phone. Snapdragon 845 Premium Gaming 160+ Designs Commercially launched and Developed.

Supports: ( Vulkan 1.1 )

First for Mobile gaming.
  • 20% lower Power than open GL ES.
  • Games Get Closer to the GPU.
  • Enhanced Realism.
  • Elite Gaming Experience.

Physically Based Rendering ( PBR ):

Allows the Adreno 640 GPU to cut through demanding Physically Based Rendering workloads with ease. Up to 20% Performance Increase.


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