You Must Know Best highly paid URL Shortener To Earn Money Online 2019


Best highly paid URL Shortener To Earn Money Online 2019

The URL Shortener is one of the most powerful and easy methods to earn Money Online 2019. In today article you will get to know some of the best URL Shortener’s sites which will allow you to make Money when you use them to shorten the long tail URL from some of the sites which are trendy’s. you can easily shorten their URLs and can past it, on any social media platform and you can earn a lot of money from it.
It doesn’t even need any famous website or any blog to build, but it has a bounce point if you have that, which will help you more. The easy way you can share these highest paid URL Shortener links on your blog/website, social media accounts, like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE+, or any other social sites.

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When someone clicks on the link, which you have shared anywhere, then you will get some money will be added to your Shortener site account. The most simple method to earn Money.

So why you are waiting?? Just get started with the given link below. If you want to earn money online then you just need technical skills m.

Best URL Shortener site which will use more in 2019

Addlinkearn – top most used URL Shortener in Pakistan + India and some other countries.

Addlinkearn is a Pakistani and Indian based Shortener for your links. This’s the most trusted platform like Adsense and highest paying URL Shortener. The best thing here is you can choose your withdrawals by your own daily, weekly and monthly. Instead, you can also get multiple options for withdrawals like Paypal, Wire transfer, Mobi-Cash, and Easy Paisa.

It’s not the only way to short ur URL links but you can invite users, on each per invited user you can get their 20% of their earnings, which means if your invited person earn 100% then 20% share will be your of the total amount.



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